Solve all your questions about our services

How many hours of service can I hire per day?

A maximum of 12 hours of duty time, with a maximum limit of 9 driving hours divided into two periods of 4.5 hours, each period must include 2 breaks of 15 and 30 minutes long in this order.

What are the speed limits for coaches?

Coaches travelling with school passengers:

  • 90 km/h in motorways, 80 km/h in national roads with hard shoulders of at least 1 meter wide, having to reduce the speed to 70 km/h if the hard shoulder's width is shorter than 1 meter

For non-school passenger trips, all speed limits detailed before increase in 10 km/h

Which are the services' payment details?

All services must be paid by bank transfer or cash deposit:

  • 50% at the booking
  • 50% before departure